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Do you have an Autistic child in your family? Or, do you know anyone who has Autism?

If yes, then you have come to the right place. At Autism News Now, you can get daily News and Updates related to Autism and appropriate care. We came up with this initiative to inform the families and children who have Autism about all the possible help they can get to cure Autism.

It is astonishing to know that about 1% of the global population is suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder. And, in the US alone, Autism services cost around $236-262 billion yearly – which is paid by the U.S. citizens themselves.

Knowing about the severity of the issue, the US government takes many initiatives to help families with Autistic children, so that they can facilitate necessary care to the people living with Autism. Alongside, several organizations do thorough research in the field to create therapies and activities that can be planned to help the Autistic children deal with the situation in a better way.

Unfortunately, these reforms do not appeal to the general public and only attract the families that have children suffering from Autism. Moreover, these initiatives do not get public rapidly, as sufferers are indeed less in number. Therefore, we take up this lead to update families around the nation to get all the recent and the most-updated information about the News related to Autism care.

From Autism News Now, you can get News and Updates about Autism, at the moment, it is announced. Regularly checking our website can help you feel like you’re not alone in this race. In fact, there are plenty others, who are there to help!