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Life as a Behavior Technician – New Career Opportunity in Healthcare


Looking for a career in healthcare? Can you work with kids and change their lives? That’s great! You can be a certified Behavior Technician. The healthcare industry is witnessing a new career opportunity called – Behavior Technician. The responsibility of a behavior analyst or technician is straightforward; all you have to do is, just change the path of an individual’s life.

Centria Healthcare, the national provider of ABA therapy for children across the nation, is always looking for potential resources, who can work as a Behavior Technician. It’s been years, Centria Autism Services is providing scientifically proven ABA therapy to individuals diagnosed with Autism. If you are interested in serving the Autism diagnosed kids, then you are all welcome to start your career with Centria.

To understand the life and job responsibilities of a Behavior Technician, read the below-mentioned facts.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Behavior Technician?

In simple words, a behavior technician provides individual treatment to children, diagnosed with ASD, using Applied Behavior Analysis. They implement various learning programs such as self-help, playing skills, communication, and social interactive skills, as a part of ABA therapy, to improve the conditions of children.

A behavior technician evaluates the behavior issues of kids, examines the impact of surrounding on their behavior, and plans & executes different approaches for improving the difficult behaviors. They gather behavioral data of kids to track the progress in reaching the behavioral objectives. The certified technicians also teach the parents about how to support the scope of ABA therapy during typical family activities.

How Does A Typical Day Look Like In The Life Of A Behavior Technician?

On an average, a certified Behavior Technician works for 2-5 hours a day. During the working hours, they connect with the kids one-on-one and allow them to nurture their behavior and interactive skills. By using the state-of-the-art software in an iPad, the technicians record the daily activities and progress of the patient.

When providing ABA therapy, the behavior technicians pay meticulous attention towards the safety concerns and ensure utmost care to the child. No doubt, 6 months of regular ABA sessions by a behavior technician can definitely improve the behavioral aspects of Autism diagnosed kids.

Check this video to learn more about the life of a Behavior Technician.

Grab the Opportunity at Centria Healthcare

If you are physically & mentally fit, and expect to satisfy the job responsibilities of a Behavior Technician, then feel free to apply for the position. Be a part of an Autism-diagnosed child’s life, and help him/her in shaping the future.

For complete details about the career opportunities as a Behavior Technician, please contact Centria Autism today.


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