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The Story of Youssef and Zain – How They Fought With Autism


It is never easy for parents to accept that their children are diagnosed with Autism. You need a healthy heart for that. Parenting a child with autism involves a lot of struggle and patience. Not all parents are capable of dealing with the conditions of autism. But here is an extraordinary story of two children and their parents and how they fought the battle with autism.

Youssef, a 3-year old boy, was diagnosed with autism in an early stage. His parents observed unusual behavior in his communication and thought of a medical evaluation. Youssef was struggling to understand things and to communicate with people. Amanda and AMR did not hesitate to take Youssef to a neurologist for a formal check-up.

The doctor identified the symptoms of Autism in Youssef and confirmed that the boy needed special treatment. For parents, it is pretty shocking to hear that your child requires special care and treatment. Amanda and AMR were confused as they had little knowledge on autism. So they began looking for resources to assist with Youssef’s treatment.

They made no delay in consulting Centria Autism and initiated the special treatment program for Youssef. Centria Autism is the national provider of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for autism diagnosed children. The medical experts at Centria understand the complex condition of autism in children and accordingly plan unique childcare programs. The best thing about Centria is, it provides home health care services for autism treatment.

Tiffany, a certified practitioner of Centria Autism, started the special care program for Youssef at home. She analyzed the behavior and mental condition of Youssef and framed an active learning and training program. Coincidentally, Youssef’s smaller brother Zain was also diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 and a half years.

You can never understand how Amanda & AMR felt when they realized both of their children were diagnosed with autism. It was a tough time for them, but instead of losing hope, they decided to work with the special autism treatment program. Nicole, a behavior technician from Centria, took the responsibility of Zain and initiated the ABA therapy.


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